Cold  Spring and fall mornings and winter days can be chilly. To stay warm, add extra layers of underclothing, but be sure they do not show, especially at the collar. (Crew neck T-shirts under crew neck sweaters almost always show.) Jackets and sweaters can be worn in the portraits but only if they are the same style and color as the rest of the clothes. Eat before the session and bring warm drinks and clean, high-energy snacks like dried fruit or crackers with you.

Wind  Breezes are common at outdoor portrait sessions. If it is important to you that your hair or your children's hair not be rearranged somewhat by light breezes, use hairspray liberally. If you do not normally use hairspray, try it out before the day of the session. Beach portrait sessions almost always experience stronger breezes. If you are not comfortable with a bit of a wind-blown look, please ask us to help you choose some location other than the beach.

Cloudy Sky  Clouds are better than clear skies for portrait sessions as they provide soft, flattering lighting. Heavy overcast may require that we start your morning session an hour later or your afternoon session an hour earlier. We will call you the day of the session if it is necessary to adjust the starting time. Please allow time in your schedule for this.

Rain / Inclement Weather / Rescheduling  Regardless of the weather forecast we will arrive at your location planning on doing the portrait session. If the weather seems bad we will wait until the planned start time to evaluate the weather and decide what to do. If there is light drizzle, occasional rain, or damp ground from an earlier shower we will still be able to do the portraits. This kind of weather produces the best possible lighting and we will have plastic ready to shield your clothing from damp ground. If the children's clothing becomes soiled from dampness or dirt, we will retouch the portraits so that the stains do not show. If there is heavy, steady rain or lightning, we will reschedule for another day or move indoors if that has been planned for in advance. Call us if you have any questions or concerns. If we are en route,call our number 561-207-7574. If there is no answer, please leave a message.

Adjusting the Start Time  The best starting time for an outdoor portrait session varies depending on the weather. The time we have set is the probable starting time. It is possible that on the day of the portrait session, a very heavy cloud cover or a very sunny day could require us to start up to an hour later or earlier. If this is not possible for you, please let us know in advance so that we can make plans together.

Changing Plans – Doing the Portraits Inside  Indoor portraits require advance planning, specialized lighting equipment, and additional setup time. If you will want to do the portraits inside if the weather is bad, let us know as far in advance as possible so we can see if there is sufficient time in our schedule and so we can arrange to preview inside of your home. If an appointment has already been scheduled for us to preview your yard, let us know before that appointment date so we can preview the inside the same day.