September Blog: Family Back to School Portraiture


Early September only means one thing to most families, and that’s back-to-school season! As kids all over their favorite of favorite outfits, and parents scramble to get pictures before they fly out the door, hoping to capture the moment. At CB Fine Art in New York and Florida, we have a better way.

Family portraiture is a far more lasting, artistic, and elegant way of capturing the heart and uniqueness of each member of your family this year. Our portraiture is a way to preserve a memento of what your family is now, with kids, parents, step-parents, grandparents, and even the pets all together as a family. That’s why family portraiture has stuck around throughout the years and is seeing a resurgence as of late. Quick pictures are so easily available through our phones and cameras, which is why the art of portraiture is rising as a step above, a professional craft with the camera flash being only the beginning.

To create our outstanding portraiture, we begin with fun, family friendly shoot and use those prints as a basis. We combine classic techniques with new technologies, to paint a portrait of how each family member is with their personality shining through the frame. Even the most dedicated parent won’t capture something like that in the quick second their kids get on the school bus for the first time.


With our portraiture already hung on the wall in your home, you can spend more time with the family enjoying each moment, rather than rushing to capture it yourself. You’ll be relieved that a stunning likeness of your family is already saved for future generations, enabling you to breathe a bit more during your day.

If this sounds like something you want in your home, then please contact us to find out more! We would love to chat with out about all the portrait session options you have at your fingertips. We look forward to hearing from you soon at Caitlyn Bom Fine Art Portraiture!