Preparing for The Design Consultation


The consultation. This is your time to explore possibilities, ask questions and make plans. You will have the opportunity to view works created by the artist, Caitlyn, becoming better acquainted with her styles of portraiture and decide on options available to you. Caitlyn will personally guide you through the decision-making process. Some of the topics you will discuss and make decisions on are:

  • Who will be photographed — the family, the children together and individually, you and your spouse, the grandparents, your extended family.
  • The style of the portrait — interactive, photojournalistic, traditional (looking at the camera) or scenic.
  • Your preference of black and white, color or sepia.
  • Which of the different media you enjoy — oils, watercolors, Masterwork paintings, photographic portraits.
  • Where and when the portraits will be created.
  •  If your home can be used as the portrait location.
  • What to do in case of poor weather if an outdoor portrait is being planned.
  • Whether or not to include your pet(s).
  • The style and coloring of the clothing that you will need to prepare or purchase.
  •  If necessary, when we will preview the location prior to the portrait session and review your clothing choices.
  • When Caitlyn return to your home to view and select your images.

What to bring to the consultation.

  •  Your appointment book so that you can schedule the remaining appointments.
  •  If applicable, any snapshots you have of the place where you would like us to take the portraits.
  • If unavailable for this consultation, snapshots of your children, family, spouse, pets — whoever will be in the portrait.
  • Ideas of the places where you will be displaying portraits — above a fireplace or bed, empty walls.
  • If you have specific clothing you really want in the portrait, have it ready. Caitlyn will help you to decide if it is a good choice or not.
  • A means of payment (check or credit card) for the creation fee or artist's commission.

Who should be available for the consultation. If you are married or partnered, both you and your spouse or partner should attend. You will be making final decisions on the various aesthetic, logistical and financial aspects of having portraits created. If your spouse or partner is interested, then you will want his or her input. Even if they say that they are not interested, and that you may make all the decisions, it is still advisable for them to come. Meeting Caitlyn and being part of the design process will greatly contribute to the success of the portrait experience. Also, many people who think they will have no input on the portraits find themselves more interested and involved than they had expected once they are at the consultation.