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  • I was given this opportunity to photograph people for a living, and it's something I take very seriously. I love what I do, and it amazes me the connections I've made through this career in such a short span of time. I love it when a bride glows on her wedding day, how a baby makes a goofy face when dad tickles them, how a family gets a kick out of an uncle's knock-knock joke. I'm not just a photographer, I'm an artist, but above all I'm a journalist. I know what interactions between friends and family means, and I know my job is to capture those moments that are real, which are true to who you are, not what I create. I love getting the “big picture” while focusing on a split second.

    You can expect me to answer my emails at 11pm, you can expect me to give you advice if you need it, and you can expect me to bring 110% of my energy to put into your wedding!

    So if you feel that you have connected with my work, and you like what you just read, email or call me! Yes, even if it is 11pm. I'll probably answer!

Syracuse Wedding Photographer – Danielle & Tim

Danielle is just one of those women who have a contagious smile. You can just tell by the company she keeps that she is a fun loving person, who loves to just live life to the fullest (even if it means that her schedule NEVER allows for a down moment), and her energy is simply breathtaking. Everything is full steam ahead, go go go, with a giant smile on her face! Even the morning of the wedding, she was taking care of everyone “Do you need a drink? Make yourself at home!” Everyone had an aura of relaxation and there was a sense that the party had already begun, the rest of the day would simply be a riot!


Tim is just as loved, and is truly respected by his friends and family. He knows how to have fun, but he’s definitely got a cool head and understands how to get things done under pressure. He’s truly the yang to Danielle’s yin (or is that supposed to be the other way around? I never know!)   The wedding, held in Liverpool, NY which is a small part of Syracuse, NY was absolutely amazing. Emotions were high, and you really had a sense that everyone in attendance was family.


Danielle and Tim, I feel truly blessed to have been a part of your wedding. It has been amazing from the moment I met you two, even up to now. Your love story is truly inspiring, and you are absolutely destined for amazing things together. Thank you – Caity

What a gorgeous day!


So many rooms were purchased, with so many guests!

I love the “I Do” shoe stickies, I don’t know why!

Personally, as a huge fan of Barbie, I couldn’t help but capture this awesome Bridal Set!

You can never have enough help with a beautiful wedding dress, can you?

Shots of strength? I kid, I kid!;)

Always gotta have fresh breath for that first kiss!

This moment honestly brought tears to my eyes…

What wedding is complete without a BOUNCE HOUSE?!

Some bounced better than others, hehe

Whacky faces! Told you this party was awesome!

Too cool for school

The reception was packed with DIY details!

The beautiful reception at the River Vista in Fulton, NY

Time for some cake!

We all know it’s not really wedding cake unless it’s all over your face!


jan farrell - September 5, 2012 - 10:06 pm

what beautiful photos so glad to have seen them wish tim and daniell much happiness together dave and jan farrell thank you for sharing them

Dawn McDonough - September 6, 2012 - 10:12 am

Such nice pictures. You guys are beautiful. I’m so glad you are happy and together.

Fran Dulcich - September 7, 2012 - 1:25 am


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Syracuse Wedding Photographer – Lorri & Josh’s Engagement!

Loyalty. Adventure. Admiration.

These three words describe Lorri and Josh’s relationship together. “No matter how badly that day may have went, we try to remind ourselves of our priority and what truly is important — each other.”

It must have been his Southern charm that swept her off her feet, because it could not have been the cut off ACU’s and mismatched t-shirt. Lorri giggles constantly while telling me all about their first meeting, “Who knew a funny story about cow-tipping could define my future?” A few short hours later, Josh gave her his number (a true gentleman!), and she texted him that night to thank him for the laugh, since she hadn’t had much to smile about that evening. I’ll admit, it’s hard to picture Lorri without a smile — Which just happens to be one of Josh’s favorite aspects of Lorri, so obviously they’re perfect for one another!

She explained that she was fresh out of a bad relationship, and not ready to dive into another one, but he was persistant. “He chased me with random text messages for about a month and a half. One night, I found myself at Maggie’s again with a group of girlfriends, so I texted him and told him to stop in! Mere minutes later, he shows up at the bar“, Josh interjected, explaining that he was going in incognito, but that mission failed utterly when he almost ran head first into Lorri. He didn’t recognize her at all initially, due to the drastic change in her character since they had last met. The dark cloud from her past relationship had somewhat dissipated by that point. He made her laugh again, so she agreed to a real date.

3 months into their relationship Josh was deployed to Afghanistan for a year, and due to the leave availability, they waited 10 long months before they saw one another again. Even with all of this, they just knew they were right for one another. You can just see the love they share….

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Syracuse Newborn Portrait Photographer – Little Sophia

Janelle is one of my brides from 2011, and has one daughter already who is absolutely gorgeous. She is already shaping up to be an awesome older sister! She and her husband decided to create another little addition to the family, and I’m pleased to introduce Sophia! We spent nearly 4 hours together, and it was all in the last 45 minutes or so that these images were captured when she calmed down enough to pose for the camera, hehe (Sometimes newborn sessions just take that long!)

You are getting very sleepy….

She really let us know she wasn’t ready to be photographed!:)

The wait was obviously worth it!

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Syracuse Newborn Portrait Photographer – Little Lennon

I had the privilege of meeting little Lennon (yes, named after the John Lennon himself!). The very first thing I noticed about him was his perfect natural tanned complexion that neither of his parents have! We live in Upstate New York, Syracuse even and to have the complexion this little guy does is just amazing! These photos were done at my very own studio right in North Syracuse on E. Molloy Rd. This new baby boy was a perfect model the entire session, even with the doubts mom and dad had coming into the studio. Just look how handsome he is!

Mom is absolutely gorgeous!

This little guy already has SU spirit! Go Orange! This hat was purchased from The Tiny Plum!

Mom scored this adorable hat EcoStreet on Etsy!

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