Originally the portrait was the work of painters, and their work is now admired by many in modern culture through museums. CB Fine Art Portraits are classically inspired by these painted works, infusing a timeless quality to them with a finished artistry. The main objective in every session is to create portraits that belong in a prominent place in your home. Our team is passionate about the process of creating such classic artwork, leading to an end result that will leave you breathless, and also to be admired generations from now.

Caitlyn is the main portrait artist, and began this journey in 2007. Her passion for art, paintings, photographs and the like was influenced by her art teacher Traci Zimmer. She attributes much of her vision for CB Fine Art to the guidance she was given through those early years, and she is continuously inspired by other portrait artists around her. Her goal is to translate the love and connection your family has through a finished masterpiece.